Please Support the Newly Arrived and Traumatized Afghan Refugees through NICCC

Noor Islamic and Cultural Community Center (NICCC) is mobilizing and is putting together Care Packages to help Afghan refugees who have escaped Afghanistan and have arrived in the Bay Area because of the brutality of the Taliban, the violation of human rights, and the harsh and inhuman treatment of women.  These Care Packages will include clothing items, toiletry items, and houseware items

Every Dollar Counts! 

The donations will support Afghan refugees with basic needs as they start the new chapter of their lives. Every dollar counts as we in these difficult times.

NICCC prepared some Care Packages for Newly Arrived Refugees that include the items below. Thank you very much for your support!  

Contents for Care Packages

1. New Clolthing (All Sizes)

A. Socks

B. Undergarments

C. Sweaters/Blouses

D. Shirts

E. Pants

F. Skirts

G. Shoes


A. Feminine Products

B. Diapers

C. Baby Wipes

D. Soap

E. Shampoo

F. Tooth brush

G. Tooth paste


A. New Blankets

B. New Pillows

C. Paper Towels

D. Napkins

E. Prayer Rugs

F. Pots & Pans

afg_photo 2.jpeg